Japanese couple spotted having oral sex while driving on highway

Last week Japanese highways were in the news when a truckload of live pigs was unleashed onto one road in Osaka.

But this is a much more exciting anecdote.

Imagine you are hurtling down one of Japan’s many busy highways and, as you pass another car, you happen to notice the driver and passenger engaged in something other than navigating… and it’s broad daylight.

Oh, yes. This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime strokes of luck: spotting oral sex on the highway.

Not only is the female passenger giving her lucky driving companion a blow job as he powers his motor vehicle, the passing driver manages to snap a couple of photos to preserve the experience for the rest of the world.

japanese couple-highway-sex-oral blowjob public roshutsu

japanese couple-highway-sex-oral blowjob public roshutsu

Clearly this is not a shy couple and were expecting or even hoping other motorists would see them in the act. They see to have prepared for it. The woman is lying on her back, the better to expose her breasts, and she is also wearing something over her eyes to protect her identity if photographed (unless this was added discreetly by the uploader, who is unknown).

It was shared, presumably by the person who took the photos, on Twitter but then exploded, so the original account has been deleted.

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