Japanese actresses who do sex scenes

This is an interesting topic and one that I get quite angry about. Why is the mainstream Japanese entertainment world so coy about sex scenes and nudity? TV is a joke! Not a nipple in sight. If you want titillation from a “normal” Japanese movie, good luck! And don’t even get us started on the mosaic censorship that invades even simulated sex scenes. Talk about ruining the dramatic suspense…

Anyway, here’s a round-up of some of the Japanese actresses who are less inhibited.

Rinko Kikuchi is fast-establishing herself as the only actress to strip off. She did it first in Babel (2006).

rinko kikuchi sex scene babel

Then in Map of the Sounds of Tokyo (2009)…

rinko kikuchi sex scene map of sounds of tokyo

rinko kikuchi sex scene map of sounds of tokyo

rinko kikuchi sex scene map of sounds of tokyo

Sei Ashina and Naoko Watanabe proved their own worth by displaying some gorgeous physical talents in Silk (2007).

sei ashina nude naked sex scene silk

sei ashina nude naked sex scene silk

sei ashina nude naked sex scene silk

It’s revealing (sorry, no pun!) that these are all films made by foreigners. In a nation with the largest porn industry in the world, with sex shops and love hotels everywhere in plain sight — why don’t mainstream film directors and producers feel confident enough to ask their casts to strip?

There are exceptions. Only yesterday we blogged about Japanese MILF, starting with the lovely Honami Suzuki, who showed us her assets in a nude romp with a white actor in the film Ichigensan (or The First Timers) (2000).

And you can definitely rely on Shinobu Terajima for a bit of old nudity (perhaps it is telling that she married a foreigner!). She burst onto the international scene with the interestingly-titled Vibrator (2003).

shinobu terajima sex scene vibrator

Aya Sugimoto showed us what we’ve already seen many times before in Flower and Snake (2004), though it is basically soft-core porn.

aya sugimoto japanese actress jukujo sex scene

But you do have to search around…

Christ, even when Hirokazu Koreeda made his Kuki Ningyou (Air Doll) (2009) he got gorgeous Korean actress Bae Doo-na to play the main role (as we reported at the time), no doubt partly because no local actress would dare take off her clothes for her art!

bae doo-na sex scene air doll

The film version of Murakami’s Norwegian Wood comes out soon. The book is full of sex but we suspect the film will be very tame in comparison! However, upon checking up we see that it stars the nymphomaniac Kikuchi and is directed by a Vietnamese person…so maybe we will be pleasantly surprised!

mitsu no tsubo japanese sex toy luxury

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