Guide to Foreigner-Friendly Sex Services in Tokyo

This is our guide to adult services, escorts, prostitutes and other sex industry services in Tokyo. The list is by no means exhaustive or comprehensive, and we will try to update it with new entries or to reflect changes to the current entries. Please be aware that services are regularly changing and may not always be available or may have changed their policy towards non-Japanese customers.

In general, the sex industry in Tokyo is centered in districts such as Kabukicho (in Shinjuku), Akihabara, Uguisudani, Ueno, Yoshiwara and Gotanda.

For detailed reviews and information, we recommend making use of the review sites listed at the end.

Please also be aware that providing full service (honban) is technically against the law in Japan and, as such, may not be readily available. Women may be particularly hesitant about offering foreign customers full services due to fear (and misconceptions) of penis size and sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

If you are in any doubt about the service you are paying for, we recommend asking beforehand to avoid any unpleasant experiences.

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Escort Agencies / Call Girl Services

Such services and establishments in Japan are known by the catch-all euphemism of fuzoku (風俗). They can be found near love hotel districts and are especially prominent in Tokyo in districts such as Kabukicho, Shibuya, Uguisudani, Ueno, and Ikebukuro.

The following escort and call girl agencies offer outcall (delivery health, or deruheru) or incall/pick-up (hotel health) services. They also offer varying degrees of English-language support.

Tokyo Hentai Club

Asian Mystique

Made in Japan


Individual Escorts

A very select list of freelance escorts who can be booked in English.

Yuma Ayase

Hana Maria


You can also try walking around Kabukicho or Dogenzaka in Shibuya at night, where there are often hookers on the street (typically Chinese prostitutes). Also check out Craigslist and Tokyo Back Page for more escorts.

Tokyo Back Page

Foreigner-friendly Sex Clubs / Brothels

These are places (sex clubs or brothels) where you can visit for service inside the venue. Many will turn foreigners away at the door, especially if you cannot speak Japanese to some extent. Be aware that some are so-called “fashion health”, ostensibly only offering non-penetrative services.

See the other entries on the list, such as soaplands and pink salons, where full service is often available.

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Foreigner-friendly Soaplands

Soaplands (ソープランド) are a type of brothel where women offer men sexual services while washing them. Many are not foreigner-friendly but there are exceptions.

Putit Royal


Don Juan

Charmant Soapland

See this resource on Yoshiwara soaplands:

See this guide from Rockit Reports:

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Erotic Massage

There are clubs and services that offer adult massages with happy endings and other extras.

Japanese Fetish Femdom

Tokyo Escort Erotic Massage

Tokyo Style

Pink Salons

Pink salons (ピンクサロン, or pinsaro for short) are brothels that offer blow-jobs and oral sex services.


Jan Jan

See more examples here:

Dating Clubs (Sugar Daddy Clubs)

Dating clubs (交際クラブ kousai kurabu) are introduction services for men and women to meet. They are usually catering towards women seeking sugar daddy-style relationship with wealthy men. There is typically a joining fee and “setting” fee for each date or introduction, though what happens next is up to the consenting adults. Women will expect the man to pay for a date and dinner, and usually some kind of compensation for their time (especially if things go further).

Universe Club

Deai Sites and Cafes

Deai sites (出会いサイト) are online portals for meeting women who offer “compensated dating”. There are also deai cafes (出会いカフェ), where you can go and be introduced to ladies. These services are largely inaccessible without knowledge of Japanese (reading and speaking), especially the online ones, though it is easy enough to walk into one of the physical cafes.

Kirari has several branches around Tokyo, including Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ueno and Ikebukuro.

See this review for more information:

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Sex Industry Review Sites, Forums and Listings Sites

Escort in Tokyo (not updated for some time)


Rockit Reports

Rockit Rising Sun

Tokyo Adult Guide

Tokyo Erotic Guide

Tokyo Nights

Tokyo Night Style

Tokyo Pink Guide

Other suggestions or tips to add? Updates or advice to share? Please leave a comment below!

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