Gravure idol Anna Konno nude scene in film Ah, Wilderness

Every fan of the top gravure idol Anna Konno is rejoicing in the streets today:

The opulently chested, ravishlingly bodied veteran has finally gone a step further and dropped her clothes — all in the name of her career.

Konno wants to be taken seriously as an actress as well, and she has a role in the two-part film Ah, Wilderness.

Rated R-15 and based on the Shuji Terayama novel about boxers, it stars Masaki Suda, Yang Ik-june, and the up-and-coming actress Akari Kinoshita.

Anna Konno is shown lying on a sofa, her arms up to cover her generous naked bust but failing to conceal one of her beautiful nipples. She looks beautiful yet vulnerable.

anna konno naked nude breasts ah wilderness

anna konno naked nude breasts ah wilderness

All right, it’s a brief glimpse if ever there was one, and shouldn’t be enough to get us excited, but among the recent desert of exciting Japanese movie sex scenes it stands out to our hungry eyes.

Another role in the film is played by Aoba Kawai, who had a nude sex scene in Kabukicho Love Hotel (Sayonara Kabukicho).

japanese sex doll love orient industry silicone

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  • grey October 10, 2017

    i think manami hashimoto will be nude soon in movie hikari (you can check the trailer)

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) October 11, 2017


    Let’s hope so!

  • Baji October 13, 2017

    hey, where you get the screen cap? is the movie has released?

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) October 14, 2017


    The film has just been released in Japan, though there will be a “part two” out at a later date. The screen caps are floating about online. Perhaps there’s more to come…