Flat-chested Japanese girls make for tight holes

We’ve talked before how, despite all their loveliness, there is no getting around the fact that many Japanese girls are flat chested.

As one commenter on that blog post pointed out, large breasts sag with age so it is better to go with modest chests in youth for a more attractive older woman. (And older Japanese women can also be extremely hot!)

japanese girl flat chest breast hinnyuu

Japanese hinnyu (“poor” breasts) can also be a fetish. Many guys here like girls with nothing on their chests!

Tsurupeta also means flat-chested and it seems there are some other hidden advantages to girls with no busts to speak of (though Japanese girls with nice breasts are also not so rare in the porn world).

The Tsurupeta Girl Laboratory Onahole is based on such a young Japanese girl with a flat chest.

tsurupeta japanese girl flat chest breasts

But such a body also means that she has a super, super tight (and curving!) hole that will more than make up for whatever you miss upstairs.

Designed to be like the pussy of a preteen girl who hasn’t yet developed much (or anything) in the chest area, this hole is for anyone with a hankering for youthful, soft bodies. The texture and feel of this hole as you push yourself in deep reveals the secret merits of girls with small chests.

tsurupeta japanese girl flat chest breasts

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  • Asher October 8, 2012

    Wow. It can be sort of disturbing but if it is a fetish for Japanese men, then so be it. lols.

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