Female Miyagi Prefecture lawmakers ask governor to take down suggestive Mitsu Dan tourism video

For reasons that obviously don’t need stating, the curvy Mitsu Dan has inspired her fair level of male attention these past few years. Now she’s attracted the attention of Miyagi Prefecture, which hired her to appear in a tourism video. If that sounds pretty random, it’s because it unashamedly is.

mitsu dan suggestive miyagi prefecture video

The nude model and jukujo actress not afraid to shed her clothes on camera spends the 2:30-minute video clad in a kimono and talking very suggestively to a regional mascot and flying turtle.

“Does it feel good?” “Can I ride you?” These are just a couple of the phrases the 36-year-old Dan seductively utters during the course of the video. The camera zoom on her lips is particular, ahem, subtle.

But not everyone is happy about tax yen being spent in this way. Seven female members of the Miyagi Prefectural Assembly asked the governor to remove the video, saying that it is sexist and portrays women only as sex objects. (The other argument, of course, is that it’s just a very strange way to promote your region.)

The prefectural government has responded to the female lawmakers’ request that it has no intention of taking the video down because the campaign had also received a positive reaction.

The controversy has been raging for around a week or so now, with the result that views for the video are already over 2 million. It just goes to show that a little bit of controversy goes a long way.

Suntory had a similar issue a short time ago with a series of online videos, customized to the region of the viewer, showing female idols and gravure models talking to the camera as if they were a local girl hitting on you while you are in the region on a business trip. Despite investing in making a whole set of different ads, each with different models, Suntory quickly took the videos down after a minor outcry.

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