What kind of female body do Japanese men and women find most attractive?

What kind of female body do Japanese men and women find most attractive?

It’s a big question and a popular common one. Judging by what we tend to see all around us every day in advertising and in the media, “slim and slender” would seem the obvious answer.

But is it?

There is currently something of a trend for sporty and active-looking women.

Certain “strong” and muscular women have also attracted a following, not least baseball gravure idol Ami Imamura.

And we’ve been saying for years that curvy ladies are hotter. Our favorites include Haruka Ayase, Saaya, Ayaka Sayama, and Kumiko Takeda.

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Now in an online survey, 7,033 people have given their response to this question and the results were as follows:

6. Fat (less than 1%)
5. Plump (3%)
4. Thin (4%)
3. Slightly thin (15%)
2. Medium build (37%)
1. Slightly plump (39%)

Apparently, this is also not weighted by sympathetic female voters wanting to cast extra votes for larger ladies, since men also nominated “slightly plump” as their top pick.

However, this begs the question of how to define “medium build” and “slightly plump”, which in Japan may be anything “bigger” than willowy and 50kg.

moeko fukuda sporty hot body

So we don’t think debusen and pocchari chubby girl fetishes are going to explode any time soon, even if there is plenty of porn and specialist adult toys for fans. (Heck, they even have their own idol groups and call girl services.)

Still, our recent crush has been the delightfully athletic charms of Moeko Fukuda. Sultry and sporty is a combination we would take any day of the week. Roll on the Olympics!

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