The Future of Masturbation: Custom Maid Girl 3D Game

Written by: Tadashi Anahori on December 11, 2012 at 11:33 pm | In Hands-on Reports | Discuss »

The future of masturbation just keeps on getting more and more interesting.

We’ve blogged before about the Custom Girl sex toy, a USB “onacon” with customizable video game girl character that you can have sex with. Well, now comes an enhanced new version, the Custom Maid Girl 3D Game with Ju-C Air masturbator.

custom maid 3d game interactive USB masturbator

Now on pre-order, this onahole and DVD-ROM set will surely be another landmark in the evolution of sexuality.

custom maid 3d game interactive USB masturbator

Here’s how retailer KanojoToys describes the futuristic pleasures it offers:

“Complete with wireless USB onahole Ju-C Air, penetrate and interactive with the girls in the game in real time, experiencing the pleasure of the maid characters. The Ju-C Air onahole joystick also has two buttons for switching perspectives while you are enjoying yourself.”

custom maid 3d game interactive USB masturbator

Cybersex? Forget it. This is future sex!

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