Calendar for lifting up high school girl’s skirt

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Have little cravings for lifting up a high school girl’s skirts but don’t want to risk a run-in with the police and/or an angry spouse? Here’s a way for you to get your fix.

Designer Kaori Kato has come up this extraordinary 2013 calendar, the suitably named Skirt-Lifting Calendar.

lift up skirt school girl calendar japan kato kaori

The graceful tender legs of a young girl (almost certainly a schoolgirl) give way to a calendar underneath the skirt (no sexy underwear included in the illustration, which may disappoint).

lift up skirt school girl calendar japan kato kaori

Kaori Kato is, of course, a girl, not some pervert guy, though we think this calendar may have more than its share of men buying it.

lift up skirt school girl calendar japan kato kaori

But it still can’t beat the real thing!

japan school girl skirt leg sexy

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