Bikyaku Jidai, the sexiest legs in Japanese pop music

Following the orbital rise of Korean girl unit Girls Generation, Japanese pop has been searching for who can combat the continental ladies’ incredible leg power.

This answer, it is being touted, is this new group, Bikyaku Jidai — literally “Beautiful Legs Era” — who have been formed for this express purpose.

bikyaku jidai j-pop japanese hot legs girls

The main qualification for the seven ladies in the group was that they had lovely legs.

bikyaku jidai j-pop japanese hot legs girls

With such single-minded approach we suspect their musical success may be rather limited. This is one of their masterpieces.

By way of comparison, here are the Korean ladies in action…

And if Taiwanese girls with nice legs are more your thing, check out The Weather Girls.

weather girls taiwan sexy pop group

All this trying hard to find girls with sexy legs is a bit sad. There are loads in Japan already!

Here’s just one example, Asami Morino.

asami morino sexy hot japanese model idol legs

Do you have any favorites?


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1 Comment

  • Tooti Mooti March 18, 2013

    The Bikyaku Jidai girls look anorexic to me. I’m used to power leg girls here in North America like Destiny’s Child or the Pussy Cat Dolls. Legs that can clamp onto you and crush you to death, but what a way to die!
    Asami Morino is fantastic! Too bad there isn’t an Olympic Sport for straddling, she’ll get perfect 10’s!

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