Japanese man travels world looking to photograph beautiful women

Sounds like a dream job, right?

A young Japanese man, Kei Akatsu, initially used crowdsourcing to create his online project, Bijo Sekai Chizu (Beautiful Girl World Map), in which he travels the globe, approaching hot girls and asking to photograph and profile them.

bijo sekai chizu world beauty map

We imagine that most of the girls the guy comes up to think he’s just a creep and tell him to get lost.

bijo sekai chizu world beauty map

The science student has an advantage, though, in that his website looks quite nice and genuine.

He’s so far been to Canada and America, and dipped his toe in South America and Southeast Asia.

bijo sekai chizu world beauty map

We would like him to head more into Asia and find some beauties there!

Or he could just stay in Japan. Plenty of talent here, mate.

bijo sekai chizu world beauty map

For more pictures of the international beauties, check out the website.

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