Bae Doona strips down (again!), dates British co-star

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We’ve long been a fan of Korean actress Bae Doona.

bae doona cute korea actress

The cutie (33) has been on our screen for years already, including in a couple of Japanese films as well as several major Korean hits.

She is not afraid to strip off either, having shed her clothes for Plum Blossom and Sympathy For Mr Vengeance in some quite explicit sex scenes.

sympathy for mr vengeance bae doona nude sex scene

One of her Japanese roles was as a blow-up sex doll, for which she was frequently nude.

bae doona air doll nude sex scene

Now she is working in America too, with a role as a sexy android in Cloud Atlas, which is adapted from the sprawling novel by formerly Japan-based writer David Mitchell.

It features — you’ve guessed it — a cyborg sex scene between her and British co-star Jim Sturgess (34), and it’s a hot one.

bae doona cloud atlas sex scene nude jim sturgess

bae doona cloud atlas sex scene nude jim sturgess

bae doona cloud atlas sex scene nude jim sturgess

bae doona cloud atlas sex scene nude jim sturgess

And it seems, we are sad to relate, that Doona and Jim have been taking their rehearsals to heart.

bae doona jim sturgess dating couple

If reports and the press snaps are to be believed, the two are now a couple.

bae doona jim sturgess dating couple

bae doona jim sturgess dating couple

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  1. she’s hot, and talented actress

    Comment by Alex — April 25, 2013 #

  2. Surprised that she hadn’t a boyfriend up to this point, but not so much now that she went to work in Cloud Atlas on the States, as a cutie pie like her is like a rare beautiful flower filled with sweet nectar with hundreds of bees trying to suck on it :3

    Hope that Jim guy treats treats her the way she deserves

    Comment by Seras — April 26, 2013 #

  3. Damn how could Jim not develop an attraction from doing a sex scene with her on film?

    Comment by The Truth — April 26, 2013 #

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