AKB48 Yuki Kashiwagi attends date, fans furious

Apologies for the excess in AKB48-related posts recently. There’s just been so much to write about.

The latest member of the idol “music” group to hit the tabloid rumor lane is Yuki Kashiwagi.

yuki kashiwagi akb48 gokon date soccer football team scandal

She apparently went on a gokon, the group date very common among young people in Japan.

Yuki’s late-night gokon might have been with Japanese soccer players and also famed Japanese porn star Kirara Asuka.

yuki kashiwagi akb48 gokon date soccer football team scandal

Yuki is 21 and officially single — so there should be nothing scandalous about this. Except she works at AKB48 where the members are not allowed to have private lives.

This is so as not to betray the otaku fans who buy into the fantasy that they may be able to get with the girls one day. (Of course, this is also absurd, since AKB48’s management has been taking the girls fully mainstream in the last three years or so — but apparently not with the benefits of a mainstream life for the girls.)

yuki kashiwagi akb48 gokon date soccer football team scandal

Some hardcore fans are apparently furious. Check out this angry otaku’s reaction to the rumors.

Will she follow the example of her co-member Minami Minegishi and shave her head? Or maybe it’s okay since going on a gokon doesn’t prove dating or sex.

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  • Bully Gul February 7, 2013

    She should be forced to shave her pubes! Then each strand of pubes could be laminated onto “apology cards” and sold off to all the angry fans. The money generated should be used to solve the “mosaic” problem in Japanese porn. A win-win-win solution for all.

  • Shay February 5, 2018

    Wow, a girl’s pubic hair is infinitely better than her used panties, i can’t believe i never thought of that!

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